domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

Back to school Fair!!!

This is a special event for parents and kids!
If you are looking for a school this is the right place to go:
From July 24 to July 30

You will find information of sl best elementary schools and you can also
have a back to school hunt!! yay!!!

July 30th will be the Back 2 School Bash, a big party, with fun, dancing, hot jams with dj Brian and performances from school dance/cheer teams.      

Back 2 School Hunt:

You'll be collecting books throught the fairgrounds so look carefully, they are all colors and hidden well. Look on top of stuff, behind stuff and in plain view! The Sample book above the bag dispenser is what you'll be looking for.

You need to wear this bag you just recieved in order to collect all the books. You'll just wear the backpack and click the books on  the ground when you find them to put them in your backpack! Watch your bag fill up!
This outfit belongs to the B2SH

To count how many books you have and how many are left to fill the backpack just touch it ;)

You can find books with prizes from:

 Cute Bytes
 Vitarious Vitae
Kidz Town Children's Store
 FairyTale Gardens 
 Amy's Gesture Palace
 Pinkie's Place
 Candy Luv Fashions
 kids will be kids
 Creations Ala Moyet
 Nakata Kids

Jenna Langer

Amyiah Seerose

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