sábado, 1 de octubre de 2011

SWEET BABY -ADORABLE RELEASE- yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel lucky!!

This is more than a cute doll for little girls as me
when you touch it says: "I love you mommy" and you all will see a kiss
animation for the doll awww!

I know more surprises will come with this lil doll 
you can name it as you wish...and you also can change clothes!!
**wear the hud to do it and follow the manual instructions

it´s perfect for a gift for a daughter, niece, birthday, rezzday or any other special date

Esta linda muñeca tiene animación y da besos
también dice:
"Te quiero mami" en inglés
puedes  ponerle nombre y también cambiarle de ropa
**recuerda usar el hud para cambiarle la ropa

you can see in this pic 2 different outfits
that your doll can wear

THANKS: Stephanie :)

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