domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

My recommendations for this week!

 It´s nothing that you can´t do LOL

don´t eat to much chocolates
share it with your friends...
if you are valentine's grinch as me, find friends and hang out
enjoy party and please be careful if you go out in rl

but the most important thing, 
valentine´s day could be every day of the year,  tell your friends that you really love them and take care of them
you don´t need another xmas or valentine´s to tell them 
"I love you" 

have fun!
 why I said this on sunday? cause most people begins to celebrate valentine's since today...

Have a nice Valentine's week!!

important tip: Ask your friends if someone is allergic to chocolate
 because this detail really  counts    ----->Jenna is allergic and every year gives away all her chocolates for valentine´s day :s

Hugs from Mina

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