viernes, 6 de julio de 2012


This is a special post for all the kids that are going to summer camp this year.

It was so difficult for me to take the decision to stay home or register for summer camp.
I thought I was prepared, but when the registration day arrived I found that I
was not prepared: I need my mommy I really need her hugs and kisses.
We are going to be volunteers for Relay for Life and run for our friends who are
in remission this year!!!! 
we are glad for them :)

If you think that being a kid avatar is bored watch these videos

this is the official summer camp video

this is the official winter camp video (4:46 minute me, Jenna looking to one of my cabin friends)

one of the kids video:

I´ll keep my pranks for next edition LOL :p  my videos
Do you want to apply to be a counselor for next year?
say yes please!!!

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