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Summer Lovin' Hunt Hunter Info

  ~presents~Summer Lovin' Hunt
    Welcome to the Greatest Love Summer Lovin' Hunt.  There are over 60+ vendors in the hunt so this will be a very fun hunt with amazing gifts from amazing designers.  The theme of the hunt is the beach, summer, romance, love or anything inspired by Summer Lovin'.

    If for some reason you find yourself getting stuck or lost on the hunt please feel free to join the Greatest Love Group.  Just copy and past the Group URL below into local chat and click the link in chat to join the group.  Greatest Love Group URL: secondlife:///app/group/805590d3-ee7c-24e6-ea8c-f2820d0cb555/about
    Another resource for information is our hunt blog.  On the blog you'll find hint (please keep in mind that vendors may move their objects and the hints may be outdated.)  You will also find a current list of vendors and known issues with the hunt.  Link to blog: http://slgreatestlove.blogspot.com/
    Hunt starting point:

    If you find an issue please contact one of the group owners: AnneAlyce Maertens, Katlene Niven,  or Chigadee London.  If we are unavailable please contact a group administrator: Lavim Feld, Ashley Renfold, Anigma Eulenberg, Nicandra Laval, Debi Latte or Nilram Ninetails.
    Happy Hunting!

Curent List of Summer Lovin' Hunt Vendors:
001. Dulce Secrets
002. DivaLicious
003. Kisetsu
004. Cero Style
005. Shadow Moon
006. LoveFactory
007. Graffitiwear
008. Aidoru
009. Elemental Jewelry
010. Mustang Trading Post
011. Bacidalucia
012. New York Couture
013. Kennedy's
014. The Crossing
015. Peippo
016. Off the Wall
017. Avatar Bizarre
018. Serendipity Designs Homes & More
019. Moondance Boutique
020. Flawless
021. Stars!
022. 1 Hundred
023. L'aize Dayz
024. Moulliez
025. Paris Metro Couture
026. Vero Modero
027. BeReckless
028. Cherry Twist
029. Jewelry by Jake
030. Bound & Bitten
031. RO Act Designs
032. Kakia Designs
033. Wetherby's
034. Skin Within
035. Maribol Inshan Designs
036. Incendia
037. Lady Rose Boutique
038. Xclusives Animations
039. The Phoenix Collection
040. Zinas
041. Jugg and Jinja's Boutique
042. Estel
043. Black Hole Sun
044. Pixel Snobs
045. Reila Skins & Fashion
046. Just Darling
047. Kaylee's Custom Flags & Banners
048. Meshit
049. A&R Designs
050. Grumble
051. Amour Fashions
052. Mind Games
053. Tempestuous Designs
054. Illicit Designs
055. Amped Up Gestures
056. Syrenz Shadows
057. Hidden Treasures
058. Julees Creations
059. Circa Designs
060. Amulet
061. Carriage Trade Minature
062. Reliquia
063. Slacy's
064. ZERO COOL Designz
065. Bitsy Boutique
066. Nishi Designs
067. 2Kill4 & 2Dream Poses
068. Pretty-N-Pink
069. con Charisma Gifts

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