martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Proud Ballyhoo Family. Most Dedicated Student.

Ms. Priscilla talking about school and my classmates



I made a pumpkin all by myself :)

look! my pumpkin worksheet

My certificate  yay!!!
"Most Dedicated Student"

Look!!!!  my ribbon :)

This is what my teacher said about me:

[18:51] Priscilla Leominster Bayn (priscilla.meiler): Jenna has shown her commitment and love for the class this term. She shows an interest in all the activities and even though english is not her first language she put forther her best foot and did her best trying. With this term being about language arts, it was difficult for her but she stuck it through and made an effort to try. So Jenna is being rewarded for Most Dedicated Student.

Mommy I love you!

Thank you for loving me! 
hugs and kisses from:


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  1. o.O mami lo publicaste! xD gracias por quererme y por estar feliz de mis pequeños logros Love U