viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2012

Never Underestimate me!

Outfit:  Turckey-trendy  Larnia 50L**
Tutu: Larnia 25L**
only for this Friday until midnight**
Hair: Laura Haircut (toddleedoo only) 76L
   Pon Pon @ Style Me (only for this week)

I could be little baby,
but I can help people.
I also can save an animal
I can do good things for you and me.

I can go to school, paint, draw, 
sing, dance, I also can take pics
but I never hurt someone...
even if they hurt me.
I can set a stream for a dj,
 I know how to blog,
I know how to decorate cookies.

I´m not resposible for all the bad things
I am just a kid who wants a safe place for me. 

Never underestimate kid avatars!
they only want their best for families and friends,
 if a kid avatar have an emergency
help them please! 

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