lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Time to say thanks to you...

Working for the blog...

I want to say thanks to all of you 
who follow every day Koyote-Free blog

I learned a lot by taking pictures and writing about each one of the things you see here, published every afternoon. I am glad  to have you as my loyal friends each day.
I like the way you show me what things you like.
I also want to say thanks because everytime that I am identified as the little blogger when I go to 
stores or clubs (with my big teenager shape xD) you immediately
let me know that you follow this blog.

I have the best oportunity to share my time with you, my daddy Humberto Bade gave me the oportunity and permission to become a koyote-free blogger almost 2 years ago, and my mom Beta Ballyhoo taught me how to take pictures (I´m still learning and
 I´m not perfect), but i try to do my best for you.

Thanks to all of the designers and creators and our Sponsors for your magic creativity
that you share with us everyday and for your friendship!

I want to say thanks for your support!
and my teacher of school suggested me to share this:

For my dad:
 Because i had the best daddy ever. I have the best memories from him and  I still love him. He always made me laugh, he gave me good advices and we shared our personal hobbies and we loved to talk a lot. I am thankful for all the special moments I lived with him, because he gave me the best and one day he told me: "Jenna thank you for being part of my life"  and I am thankful with you for the time you shared with me.  You are always on my heart" and I am thankful for his hugs because i never expected to have them but he gave me the best hugs,  and when I am sad I remember him with the words he told me and the way he used to play with me and how he protected me.
Love you for ever daddy Hum! you are always on my heart!

For my mom:

  She have lots of patience and love to give. We share a lot of things together and  my mom always thinks about my sisters and me and she is proud of us. We have a close relationship with my mommy Beta. We have many things in common as one of our favorite color is pink, we have fun together, and we laugh a lot when we go to the stores, we help each other with the post for the blog, we also do crazy thing like dying our hairs (2 colors) but we always have good time, we go to parties together and she taugh to me how to edit things. Is amazing how wonderful is our time together.
Love u mommy!

For my sisters:
you are the best sisters for me!
all you do is always the best and we share lots of good moments together
Love u girls!

Thanks for all my friends, classmates from HKE and NHA and sl  family
and thanks for all who were worried  for me in the past weeks
Love you all!

You'll be in my heart
by Phil Collins...dedicated to all of Koyote-Free loyal friends

4 comentarios:

  1. Grasiass Jennita por este mensaje, tan lindo
    grasias por estar, siemprea mi lado
    tu eres mi amiga, mi nena, mi forever amigaa
    love u thizzzzzzz muchhhhhhhhh.

  2. Te quier00000000000000 asiiiiiiiiiii
    y asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Tu mamiiiiiii Beta Ballyhoo.