miércoles, 6 de agosto de 2014


Hair: Soothe - Rosy Mood (Hair Fair Gift)
HairBand: Yara's Band - Buttery Toast (Group Gift)
Skin: Cutie Moon - Essences
Necklace: NEKOlace Siamese - +Half-Deer+
Outfit: Kawaii Jumper Dress - [ parfait.] (CAH - 5L)
Buttons: Kawaii Buttons - Static (CAH - 5L)
Ring: Cloud Wings Purple Wing - *Cila* (CAH - 5L)
Bracelet: {Pinku} bracelet - Cubic Cherry kre-ations (CAH - 5L)
Shoes: Cutie Shoes/Pastels {slink feet only} - !TLB (CAH-5L)
kitty: Scottish Fold Auburn&Cream - .TMC. (Gacha)

More info of Cupcakes Annonymous Hunt (Hints and pictures)

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