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New Mesh Body for {Regular Kids}

TweeneeDoo The New Mesh Body for Regular Kids
from *Cute Bytes* 
Opens: January 1st. 2015

First of all if you are a Toddleedoo user its almost the same thing and for regular kids I´ll help you with the hud and some tricks but you can ask a Toddleedoo...they almost have a master degree in their huds. :p
I think the secret to a perfect fit of this mesh body "TweeneeDoo"
is the correct proportion of your mesh body that you can modify to look better.

Look to the neck! the hud has some skin options to match your neck, *Purretes* and Bad Seed  has appliers for the whole body to match the skin, I hope one day we can dream with appliers like adult avis so we can have a perfect skin match for the mesh body.

How to....
First wear your regular kid shape then add the alpha+body+body controller, then you can edit your shape
I´m giving a little clue... then relog, this helps a lot!

 This is how I edited the mesh body TweeneeDoo, remember to save it!

for clothes:
You only have to "add" the clothes, not the alphas from clothes...
take a look!

About the Hud

1. Skins: to match with your mesh body
2. Nails: choose a color or change them using ToddleeDoo appliers available in some stores
or check Market Place
3. Clothes: you can hide some parts of your body with alphas just by  a click

Regular Kid Stores {clothes}
Update: *Purretes*
{Shoes} (some ideas)
R(S)W (for girls)
but they also have nice tenis shoes for boys!
 adult stores

Things that you should know:
Try demo first!!
Slink and Soken bare feet don´t work with "TweeneeDoo"
Updates are guaranteed
Nail polish:
Better if it´s only with one color only.
You can buy ToddleeDoo appliers
But wait for more updates!
You can wear rigged and unrigged hair too!
About clothes:
smb clothes are compatible

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