lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2017


Hair: Truth - Apple
Eyes: ARISE - Iva Eyes 11
Lashes: [okkbye] - Lithe Eyelashes
Sparkle: ((LovelyAlien)) - Sparkle Makeup
Ears: Mandala -  Steking Ears
Dress: ella - Ainara @Whimsical
Choker: Nomi - Falina Set Necklace White (Gacha)
Leg Harness: #EMPIRE - Heart harness
Rings: (Yummy] Serena rings @N21

Bed: Tarte. old window bed floral (past Luxebox)
Chair: +Half-Deer+ Coming up Roses - Chair (White)

miércoles, 11 de octubre de 2017

Bunny Girl

Head: Catwa Catya
Bunny Ears: {aii} - +  Cotton Usagi + 
Skin: Deetalez - kyouko - Celtic tone
Hair: Beusy - Vexing Hairstyle @Salem
Glasses: Nomi - Falina Set Glasses White - Gacha @~The Secret Hideout~
Choker: Nomi - Falina Set Necklace White - Gacha @~The Secret Hideout~
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ - Shiny Ear
Piercings by Cerberus Xing
Dress: Kotte - bunbun&me - fatpack @The Seasons Story
Boots: Nomi - Falina Set Boot White - Gacha @~The Secret Hideout~

sábado, 30 de septiembre de 2017


Beta Ballyhoo

Hair : Stealthic - Paradox
Dress: ella - Suzy @Kinky Event
Shoes: Empire - Clematis

Erika Zhong

Hair: Stealthic - Reprise
Necklace: The Sugar Garden - Rose Pendant Collar - Black (Gacha)
Dress: ella - Suzy @Kinky Event
Shoes: CandyDoll - Carolina Heels @Shoetopia

Special thanks to our male model
Male Clothes by Mossu

Backdrop by [ isuka ] - club entrance - Marketplace

jueves, 28 de septiembre de 2017


TRUTH / Apple@Uber

Mossu - Lust.Choker - Daddys Girl

AITUI - Circular Heart Plug 

   BUENO - Cheeky Outfit -Dark Denim

Izzie's - Metallic Arrow Tattoo


:::NOIR::: SIR Cuff


domingo, 17 de septiembre de 2017

Another day of sun la la land

                                         TRUTH VIP - August (Gift)

                                      [Pumpkin] Tied T-shirt - White

                                     .Sabotage.: Distressed Shorts - Wash
                                                     @Tre Chic

                               [VALE KOER] HARLEY TRAINERS

                                JIAN Chubby Cat Bird Bus
                                             LUXEBOX  (sep)

jueves, 24 de agosto de 2017

Daddys girl

                               TRUTH VIP/ Elie /August  (GIFT)

                             ^^Swallow^^ Punky Ears

                          DL:: Crappy Minnie Headband

                        Mossu - Lust.Choker - Daddys Girl
                                         @ Fetish Fair

                    [VALE KOER] KELLU BOMBER JACKET
                                       @ collabor88

                               Micky Mouse:
                  CUREMORE / Punk Rat / Guy
                                      @ Rewind

                   .:villena:. - Split Denim Shorts - Black
                                         @ Kustom9

viernes, 18 de agosto de 2017

My Friday Look

Hair: Beusy: Lotus Hairstyle (3:00 A.M. Gacha//Common)
Necklace: Garbaggio - Thick Metal Chocker - Purple (Old Gift)
Top: ella - Nelly Top @Tres Chic
Skirt: ella - Nelly Skirt @ Tres Chic
Nails: RealEvil Industries - Elektra Nails&Rings 
Shoes: REIGN - Holo Pumps (Old Luxebox gift)
Piercing: Punch - Belly Piercing - Diamond
Backdrop by BUENO - Purple Minibox
Poses by *BunnyBon* Poprocks bento pose pack @Prismagica

sábado, 5 de agosto de 2017

An Angel

Update: you can find this outfit for baby/kid Toddleedoo and Bebe
you have 2 more options of wings (also animated version)
two halo colors (silver and gold)
and a necklace

*♥...I'm wearing...♥*
Bento Mesh Head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head 
Mesh Body - Body - BABY (ToddleeDoo)
@ The Play Room
Hair {T.T}Angelic: Angelic White hairs Unrigged-resizer- COMMON
Dress {T.T}Angelic: ANGEL dress TD BABY size - COMMON -
Wings {T.T}Angelic: Sparkle Wings WHITE-resizer- COMMON
Halo {T.T}Angelic: Sparkle Halo Gold -resizer- COMMON
 Backdrop Astralia - Gold Moon night backdrop

Special thanks 
 Roula Laville

sábado, 24 de junio de 2017


                                                                            From    Right
                                                                         Miqote wearing
                                                                ELLA Angel Dress FREE
                                                                 (hunt) two days available)


                                                             ELLA Angel Dress FREE
                                                             (hunt) two days available)


                                                         ELLA Angel Dress FREE
                                                          (hunt) two days available)

                                                                     FLIP FLOPS:
                                     REIGN.- BOW WEDGE FLIP FLOPS- FATPACK 50L


                                                                          Shades ;
                                                    PR. Circle Shades// PinkLemonade - Gold
                                                                    (Hunt WOH3 available)


                                                            Beta Ballyhoo:wearing
                                                                          Top: -
                                                            Safira - Mindy Top GIFT

                                                                     Belly jewelry:
                                                       Scandalize. Diamonds FREE

 Hunt instructions

Search inside de ballons.

find the one with the gifts
from each store.

buy the boxes inside de ballons
its 0L and you dont to need joint any group.  Good luck.

viernes, 23 de junio de 2017

I miss you so much

                                         Magika - A Perfect Mess (w/ headband)

                                           Pacifier VOLUME-pupon -

                                   VCO ~ U & I Denim Look 001 _Maitreya

                                   VCO ~ U & I Knee socks [ D ]_Maitreya


miércoles, 14 de junio de 2017


                                                       Tableau Vivant \\ SL14 Free gift

                                                       ^^Swallow^^ Drop Ears

                                   .tsg. Classy Collar - Rose Pendant - White

                                      Blueberry - One Love - SL14B  FREE Gift

                                                Blueberry - Gracie - Maitreya
                                                            @SL14B-event On Sale 50%

                                                          MadPea Mad Spinner
                                                           group gift

updated! this one has the correct Slurl

                                                 .tsg. Vanity Eyes - Pink

                                  .euphoric ~Nile Lipstick Applier ~[Catwa]

                                                        Belly Piercing
                                              **RE** Dolce Belly Piercing

martes, 30 de mayo de 2017

The day!

TRUTH / Lake

TETRA - Off-shoulder Top (Rose)

EVANI - Molly jeans [Grey]

=Zenith=Belt Platform (Tiffany) -Maitreya
(past Gatcha) @ store

viernes, 19 de mayo de 2017


Beta Ballyhoo (Left)

Hair: Truth - Kare VIP May Gift
Outfit: !gO! Fay - outfit CELINA - RARE 3 @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
(includes wings, shoes and wreath)

Erika Zhong (Right)
Hair: Truth - Fire Rare (Past Gacha)
Necklace: Elysium - Myrcella Flower Necklace
Outfit: !gO! Fay - outfit DALIA - RARE 2 gacha @Fantasy Gacha Carnival

lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017


Hair:  Tableau Vivant \\ Angy I - Dreads @TMD
Bindi: .Olive. the Heart Gem Moon Bindi @The Secret Hideout
Choker: #EMPIRE - Honey - Collar (Honey Harness)
Rings: **Real Evil** Dark Queen Rings - Bento 2.0
Outfit: [LAB737] Inverse-Natalya -Maitreya GACHA @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
[LAB737] Inverse-Natalya-Maitreya-Strap Top [noir]
[LAB737] Inverse-Natalya-Maitreya-Upper Arm Straps [camo]
[LAB737] Inverse-Natalya-Maitreya-Lower Arms [camo]
[LAB737] Inverse-Natalya-Maitreya-Belts [camo] RARE
[LAB737] Inverse-Natalya-Maitreya-Upper Leg Straps [camo]
[LAB737] Inverse-Natalya-Maitreya-Kneepads [camo]
[LAB737] Inverse-Natalya-Maitreya-Foot Wraps [camo]
Blade: (FA) UM Wrath of the North Single Bladed BOX v1.0 @We <3 Role-play Gift

Spring Picnic


                                                             TRUTH / Kare
                                                    TRUTH VIP  GIFT - May

                                                           Choker #1 Gold
                                                 Kibitz - Love necklaces - gold @FaMESHed

                                           [ abrasive ] Lovestruck Kawaii Necklace -
                                                      @ Gacha Garden.

                                   Zenith=Spring Picnic Dress -Maitreya  - RARE
                                                [Since1975]-Garter's -Dollars
                                                          @Gacha garden

                                              Maitreya Dahlia Socks * Cream

                                   Astralia - Cute Rollers gacha - RARE BOOTS @ Rewind

                                                           Ice Cream
                                       e.marie/Ice cream Cone-Heart Straberry
                                                        @ Kustom9

Sister'sℒ' ȻƦἔɱє

From Left to Right

Beta: (Scroll down)

Hair: DOUX - Francisca hairstyle
Outfit: =Zenith=Summer Wear -Maitreya - gacha @KUSTOM 9
Shoes:  !APHORISM! Rora Wedge Shoe  @ KUSTOM 9

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Tsuki Mesh Hair 
Outfit: =Zenith=Summer Wear -Maitreya gacha @KUSTOM 9
Shoes: =Zenith=Belt Platform -Maitreya - Past gacha

Accessory: e.marie // Ice Cream cone gacha @ KUSTOM9
Outfit: =Zenith=Summer Wear -Maitreya - gacha @KUSTOM 9
Shoes: Sweet Thing - Pet Platforms @ The Secret Hideout

Hair: Taketomi - Yue - Platinums - NEW!
Outfit: =Zenith=Summer Wear -Maitreya @KUSTOM 9
Shoes: REIGN.- Ribbon Flip Flops @FaMeshed


Hair: Truth - Kare VIP May Gift
Choker: Kibitz - Love necklaces - gold @Fameshed
Necklace: [ abrasive ] Lovestruck Kawaii Necklace - @Gacha Garden
Outfit:=Zenith=Summer Wear -Maitreya - gacha @KUSTOM 9
Socks :Maitreya Dahlia * Lara  Mid * Cream
Boots: Astralia - Cute Rollers gacha - RARE BOOTS @ Rewind
Background: Astralia Gacha @Rewind


jueves, 11 de mayo de 2017

Inner Universe

Head: Catwa - Catya
Skin : Deetalez - *Face Kim* Celtic
Eyes: LOTUS. Birthday Eyes gift @Chapter4
Lashes: [okkbye] - Lithe Eyelashes (Catwa)

Body makeup : Enfer sombre - Ecchi Shine Tattoo

Amala - The heart nose stud
CerberusXing - Bento Piercing Labret
CerberusXing - Bento Piercing Medusa
LittleFish - Dimple Piercing

Choker: #Empire - Honey Collar
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ - Pyramid Ear


Pose: Le Poppycock *4ward Thinking* gift @Chapter4

Photo taken at INSILICO SIM

sábado, 6 de mayo de 2017

Unsatisfied visit


                                                                TRUTH HAIR Tyne

                                                          L'Etre Skin Shop - Bella Skin

                                                        L'Etre - Ringed mesh ears

                                                       Kibitz - Love choker - gold

                                                       [Co57] Larissa Flap Purse

                                           Fawny - Luxury Dream.Dress - RARE -
                                                          @ Epiphany

                                        Fawny - Luxury Dream(2).Shoes - RARE -
                                                            @ Epiphany

                                                      Formanails -CIRI

                                                             Kibitz -
                                                       Love rings - gold
                                                      @ Secret Hideout

domingo, 30 de abril de 2017

A Treasure...

Ocean... our home! Rich of all kind of treasures but we were looking for the best treasure of all.
We were looking here and there...every detail is just perfect. Mother nature never stops to surprise us with all the beautiful things you can find at the ocean.

One of our friends came here to help us. We were busy.

At night we were tired, momma hugged me. I heard all the mermaids singing.
I like to sleep with all of those magical mermaids songs...

But I couldn't sleep, more adventures were comming!

More things to discover, enjoy, and beautiful moments to share 
and learn about each other and all the things around us.

Nobody can be alone, so more joined us! Looking for beauty things and the souls
of our friends, Always looking for the best of each one of them,
their kindness, and happy to be part of this adventure.

The adventure is almost comming to the end of our day.
We are all tired, but  I've learned a good lesson:
"The best treasure of all is: Frienship".

Sometimes we give second chances and this is the time to
redeem ourselves with better and possitive attitutes to others.

So here came the last  mermaid. She was happy to be part of our experience and treasure!

♥- Jenna-♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Mermaid  ToddleTeeZ By: Z - Mermaid Princess Outfit
Hair Magika [Hair] Reading
♥Rock and Sea shells props♥
Poses {T.T} @ POSE FAIR 2017 The Mermaids Static Poses
This is Exclusive for The POSE FAIR 2017.
adjustable rezz & sit, props
hide & show option by touch
props used for this blog post: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7

Special thanks
♥ Roula Laville from {Tiny Trinkets}
♥ Thanks to my mom Beta, Emilio and Erika to be
part of this little adventure.
♥Thanks to Coqueta Georgia & Vlady Veeper 
I had a nice experience, thank you for your support!

sábado, 15 de abril de 2017

Happy Easter!

Hola a todos!
Decidí dejarles este saludito adelantado de Pascua para todos ustedes!

♥I'm wearing♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Overall { Clair de Lune }@ Ninety-Nine - Play Overalls {B} Light Blue
Choker Noodles@ Collab88  - Daisy Choker
Hair Magika [Hair] Reading
Sneakers {T.T} @ Color Me Cute Angel sneakers  Baby 
Bunny {anc} cotton bunny. sugar [I] 
Bunny {anc} cotton bunny. sugar [A] 
Pose {tg.}@ Color Me Cute - easter baby.

Special thanks
Roula Laville from {T.T}
Gemma Morland from {tg.} poses

martes, 11 de abril de 2017

Shy Lover

Head: Catwa - Catya
Skin : Deetalez - *Face Kim* Celtic
Eyes: Evermore - Nyanko Eyes - Cutie Loot April
Lashes: [okkbye] - Lithe Eyelashes (Catwa)
Bindi: {vincue} Unii+Horn - Cutie Loot [April]
Body makeup : The white crow - Shy Lover Blush

Amala - The heart nose stud
CerberusXing - Bento Piercing Labret
CerberusXing - Bento Piercing Medusa
CerberusXing - Bento Piercing Snakebites
LittleFish - Dimple Piercing
Sparkles: ((Lovely Alien)) - Sparkle Makeup

Choker: kibitz - Elsa Collar - gacha
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ - Pyramid Ear
Hair: Truth Hair - AveryElena - VIP Group Gift April
Outfit: Blueberry - Caiti - Lingerie Set - @Collabor88
Shoes: {aii} - + Shii Geta & Stockings @The Kawaii Project

Background by RAMA

lunes, 3 de abril de 2017



Beta Ballyhoo "Left Side."

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Cheri @ Uber
Lipstick: Glam Affair - Amira Lipstick  for Catwa Heads - SET 9 @LOOTBOX-gatcha event
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD - High Definition
Amala - the heart nose stud
Dress: AMITOMO / Lovely, Still GACHA @Sanarae
Flats: REIGN.- SKYE FLATS- @ShoeTopia

 ❤      ❤      ❤     

Erika Zhong  "Right Side."
Head: Catwa - Catya
Skin : Deetalez - *Face Kim* Celtic
Eyes: .euphoric - Gigi Set [Catwa]
Lashes: [okkbye] - Lithe Eyelashes (Catwa)
CerberusXing - Bento Piercing Labret
CerberusXing - Bento Piercing Medusa
CerberusXing - Bento Piercing Snakebites
LittleFish - Dimple Piercing
Cheeks : ((Lovely Alien)) - Sparkle Makeup

Choker: [Pumpkin] Glitter Heart - Old Gift
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ - Pyramid Ear
Hair: Doe: Plum Gacha (Solid) - Pastels
Bow: Pink Hustler 8016 Bow 
Jacket/Shirt: {sallie} kawaii Yankee Sukajan jacket - purple @ YanFes!
Skirt :Tres Blah - Juniper Mini Skirt  - Luxebox March 2017
Stockings: Astralia - Mya Embellished stockings @Kustom9
socks: "mignon." - little doll cafe. knee high socks
Shoes: Flite - Retro Gliders - Limited edition