domingo, 30 de abril de 2017

A Treasure...

Ocean... our home! Rich of all kind of treasures but we were looking for the best treasure of all.
We were looking here and there...every detail is just perfect. Mother nature never stops to surprise us with all the beautiful things you can find at the ocean.

One of our friends came here to help us. We were busy.

At night we were tired, momma hugged me. I heard all the mermaids singing.
I like to sleep with all of those magical mermaids songs...

But I couldn't sleep, more adventures were comming!

More things to discover, enjoy, and beautiful moments to share 
and learn about each other and all the things around us.

Nobody can be alone, so more joined us! Looking for beauty things and the souls
of our friends, Always looking for the best of each one of them,
their kindness, and happy to be part of this adventure.

The adventure is almost comming to the end of our day.
We are all tired, but  I've learned a good lesson:
"The best treasure of all is: Frienship".

Sometimes we give second chances and this is the time to
redeem ourselves with better and possitive attitutes to others.

So here came the last  mermaid. She was happy to be part of our experience and treasure!

♥- Jenna-♥
Bento Mesh head *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Mermaid  ToddleTeeZ By: Z - Mermaid Princess Outfit
Hair Magika [Hair] Reading
♥Rock and Sea shells props♥
Poses {T.T} @ POSE FAIR 2017 The Mermaids Static Poses
This is Exclusive for The POSE FAIR 2017.
adjustable rezz & sit, props
hide & show option by touch
props used for this blog post: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7

Special thanks
♥ Roula Laville from {Tiny Trinkets}
♥ Thanks to my mom Beta, Emilio and Erika to be
part of this little adventure.
♥Thanks to Coqueta Georgia & Vlady Veeper 
I had a nice experience, thank you for your support!

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